However, there are various opinions for revising by their various positions. Then, let’s see the stances for revising the constitution of parties which represent nation.


Like these, the parties have various opinions too.
By the way, why are they so various?

 The people will have the variety of personalities and situations anytime. It is true that different opinions on revising the constitution by the situation of their.
We’d like to introduce some of them.

@ About article9


A About article96

B About  preamble

C About constitutional change


 What we introduced are only the opinions. There are no right or false opinions anywhere.

What counts is to express the opinion. The movement of discussion will be active if the number of the people who express their opinions increases. To meet the opinion each other is very important in this meaning.

If you would like your opinion to be sure, you should study in the books or other sites.
The future of this country will be opened in those ways.

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